Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Manipulated Living {Lyrics}

The term Manipulated Living is pulled from the movie Donnie Darko as well as all the dialogue before and after the verse. Here is how the Manipulated Living is described in the book "Philosophy of Time Travel" 

THE MANIPULATED LIVING The Manipulated Living are often the close friends and neighbours of the Living Receiver. They are prone to irrational, bazaar, and often violent behaviour. This is the unfortunate result of their task, which is to assist the Living Receiver in returning the Artifact to the Primary Universe. The Manipulated Living will do anything to save themselves from Oblivion.

Also after the verse the character's are discussing the book "Watership Down" by Richard Adams

The Manipulated Living

" a storm is coming Frank says..

a storm that will swallow..the children
and i will deliever them from the kingdom of pain
I will deliver the children back to their doorsteps
I'll send the monsters back to the underground
I'll send them back to a place where noone else can see them
except for me..
because I am Donnie Darko"

They told me never stop..
never waste your talent..
jump to the main course..
i'm still on the salad..
i'm still on the ballot..
I ain't lose it..i found it
stay around like im grounded
clock circles around it..
change my surroundings
pressures a mountain
got me renouncing my faith through a fountain 
pen click
its just relentless
i guess its hopeless
i can't believe i wrote this
how did they not notice?
how did they lose focus?
money, overdoses
and you can quote this
i'm not the dopest
but i'm like the closest
lost some of the closest
fed em' to the vultures
memoirs for the soldiers
why you pretending we ain't headed towards the ending?
send them in.. in 3's
new disease got them fenced in
you were different back than
now you kind of blend in..

i pledge allegiance to this dream..
for which it stands..
for her i fall..
never solved
i'm growing distant
i'm not involved
..call me lost..
call me broken
i'm a dreamer and I've been hoping..

...that you can send me back to oblivion....

"because the rabbits are us Donnie" 

"why should i mourn for a rabbit like it was human?
a rabbit is not like us..
it has no history books, no photographs, no knowledge of sorrow or regret
I just don't see the point in crying over a dead rabbit!
who never even feared death to begin with"

"you're wrong
these rabbits can talk they are the product of the authors imagination
and he cares for them so we care for them
we just missed the point.."

"aren't we forgetting about the miracle of story telling?
deus ex machina
"the god machine"
that's what saved the rabbits"


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