Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Bohemian Green {lyrics}

This song is more like a stream of consciousness than actually being about something.  It does have some social/political commentary to it, but I'm also talking shit at the same time.  The title was inspired by Bohemian Grove which is an exclusive campground in California where some of the most powerful leaders carry out strange rituals.  I changed it to Bohemian Green because even though I'm commenting on some political issues , the song has a very "stoned" train of thought to it.  The audio clips in the beginning and end of the song are from a GG Allin interview on the Jane Whitney Show.

"I'm bringing us to a revolution
against the government
against the police
against any form of society that is trying to put us down and restrict us in any way, shape or manner
you can not conform
you must be a true non-conformist"

it's the never ending trend of the lover and friend
..it's all politics..
crooked as the government when..you get in line..
picket sign
spit in the wind
make pretend...its not the same thing over again
it's all relative
got me thinkin' of sneakin' your relatives
lifted intelligence
developin' a bad seed
alot of liquor
a crate of records and mad weed
the bad read
chop it up with mad speed
Keanu Reeves on the piano keys
the cross breed, new disease
I need room to breathe
I told them.."please"
As I travel down the rabbit hole
beyond average
I grab it and spray it at em' like aerosol
watch as we embarrass yall'
turn the cameras off
it be the poet in the dark
boxing with shadow puppets
but fuck it ..i'm never leavin'
you quit and we'll call it even
you will lose while i am breathing
you can even be the hero for the evening
last word from the first one speaking..

its something like a getaway
you can lose your mind
you better get it before it get ya'
let me waste your time
I'm headed that-a-way
you can press rewind
and if you lookin' for me
i'll be smokin' on the finest green

False flag operation
shoe string suicide watch
 ..in the basement..
there is no replacement
no temporary position
the missionary submission
will make her listen
there's other fish in the sea
there's other shit in the pond
the first born
put the superhero on
weather the storm
surrender to norm
it's never been drawn
it's never been seen
wrong side of somewhere in between
I hate to intervene on this little scene
the little scheme that's been crippling your dreams
I'm Ritalin..you fiends
so hire the machine
put the I up in the team
Bohemian Green

"Ever since I was a child,
What you see is what you get
When I wake up tommorow morning I'll still smell the same way
I'll still look the same way
This is not a show
This is not an act
I am that guy"

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