Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Bohemian Green {lyrics}

This song is more like a stream of consciousness than actually being about something.  It does have some social/political commentary to it, but I'm also talking shit at the same time.  The title was inspired by Bohemian Grove which is an exclusive campground in California where some of the most powerful leaders carry out strange rituals.  I changed it to Bohemian Green because even though I'm commenting on some political issues , the song has a very "stoned" train of thought to it.  The audio clips in the beginning and end of the song are from a GG Allin interview on the Jane Whitney Show.

"I'm bringing us to a revolution
against the government
against the police
against any form of society that is trying to put us down and restrict us in any way, shape or manner
you can not conform
you must be a true non-conformist"

it's the never ending trend of the lover and friend
..it's all politics..
crooked as the government when..you get in line..
picket sign
spit in the wind
make pretend...its not the same thing over again
it's all relative
got me thinkin' of sneakin' your relatives
lifted intelligence
developin' a bad seed
alot of liquor
a crate of records and mad weed
the bad read
chop it up with mad speed
Keanu Reeves on the piano keys
the cross breed, new disease
I need room to breathe
I told them.."please"
As I travel down the rabbit hole
beyond average
I grab it and spray it at em' like aerosol
watch as we embarrass yall'
turn the cameras off
it be the poet in the dark
boxing with shadow puppets
but fuck it ..i'm never leavin'
you quit and we'll call it even
you will lose while i am breathing
you can even be the hero for the evening
last word from the first one speaking..

its something like a getaway
you can lose your mind
you better get it before it get ya'
let me waste your time
I'm headed that-a-way
you can press rewind
and if you lookin' for me
i'll be smokin' on the finest green

False flag operation
shoe string suicide watch
 ..in the basement..
there is no replacement
no temporary position
the missionary submission
will make her listen
there's other fish in the sea
there's other shit in the pond
the first born
put the superhero on
weather the storm
surrender to norm
it's never been drawn
it's never been seen
wrong side of somewhere in between
I hate to intervene on this little scene
the little scheme that's been crippling your dreams
I'm Ritalin..you fiends
so hire the machine
put the I up in the team
Bohemian Green

"Ever since I was a child,
What you see is what you get
When I wake up tommorow morning I'll still smell the same way
I'll still look the same way
This is not a show
This is not an act
I am that guy"

Ballad of the Man That Never Made It {Lyrics}

This title like "House of the Rising Son" was inspired by the music of the 60's.  Bob Dylan has done a number of songs titled similar to this "Ballad of a Thin Man" "Ballad of Hollis Brown" and others..
This song  pretty much explains itself.  It is a story of a failed artist that settles for mediocrity and tries to fit in  with regular life.  The ending was inspired by Hunter S. Thompson's suicide where he typed only one word on his typewriter before pulling the trigger.
Believe it or not the first voice you hear is the voice of Joey Gladstone of Full House.  I was half asleep one day and heard that part and went on a mission to find it for this song.

Ballad of the Man That Never Made It

"you see last night was a revelation..
that big break is not coming..
I am going to venture into the business world
I'm going to get a real job and make some real money
I'm starting a whole new way of life..
There comes a point in your life where you just have to say to yourself
" I tried and I failed"
I'm just glad I found this out now and not when I'm 46 years old"

Woke up..his alarm ringing
and he was hoping it wasn't raining 
'cause he can't remember last night
get to smoking with a cigarette and glass pipe
and maybe in a past life he was something special
just an empty vessel carrying a heavy load
its such a crooked road
its such a different path
they lookin' at him and get to thinking that he will never last
point at him and laugh
another puppet for the cash
if you're doing somethin' different you're finishing dead last
this is why the talented balance and than crash
'cause everyone will dig in his pocket..like..real fast
and it'll catch up with ya
as soon as she's in love with u
he settles for the replica
but still she'll be second to what really matters
mad hatter with this chitter chatter
i'd chose the latter
but fuck it..it doesn't matter
..and this is over breakfast..
i guess that it's gotten worse
because he's stressing impression and only got a couple shirts
..he checks his phone..
ignoring who keeps texting him
a bunch of missed calls and alot of mean messages
alot of questions of where he's been and what he's been doing
alot of friendships he's ended..and now they're fucking ruined
he had a dream he was chasing but now he's not pursuing
had it figured out
but now he don't know what the fuck he's doing

this is the story of the man that never made it
that did something amazing but they hid it in the basement
this is the story of the man that never made it
who's still sittin' and waiting 'cause he doesn't want to face it

On his way to 9-5
this is such a shitty drive
his co-workers don't even notice that he's alive
they don't know he was rockin' stages
he's pushin papers
they talkin' families..his conversations vacant
and he can't take it..
it's like theres nothing in common
he's all alone in the morning
and god damnit its boring
..and than he drives home..
and gets lost in the music
remembers when he used to do it
was too timid and blew it..
..and its still raining...
he run inside to grab a beer
even his dog barkin' like he doesn't even live here
..another Guiness..
the microwavable dinners are finished
he puffs a blunt for a minute
and than goes downstairs
..talking to his girl..
fightin' for five years
..she hang up on him..
but in a minute she'll call back
..he'll get to screamin'..
but in a minute he'll fall back
he hits the bar with the same faces...alittle older
the same town that he's been in since he was in a stroller
..sip till he's falling over..
..mumbles to a stranger..
something about startin' over and getting signed to a major
its just a dream now
its just a conversation
all the years that he worked at it..he fucking wasted
..back home now..
and he's fuckin' wasted
his money lower than his self esteem
such a selfish dream
front page of the magazine
..he pushed it all aside..
he feel it..deep inside
opened up his rhyme book and wrote one word

this is the story of the man that never made it
that did something amazing but they hid it in the basement
this is the story of the man that never made it
who's still sittin' and waiting 'cause he doesn't want to face it

Manipulated Living {Lyrics}

The term Manipulated Living is pulled from the movie Donnie Darko as well as all the dialogue before and after the verse. Here is how the Manipulated Living is described in the book "Philosophy of Time Travel" 

THE MANIPULATED LIVING The Manipulated Living are often the close friends and neighbours of the Living Receiver. They are prone to irrational, bazaar, and often violent behaviour. This is the unfortunate result of their task, which is to assist the Living Receiver in returning the Artifact to the Primary Universe. The Manipulated Living will do anything to save themselves from Oblivion.

Also after the verse the character's are discussing the book "Watership Down" by Richard Adams

The Manipulated Living

" a storm is coming Frank says..

a storm that will swallow..the children
and i will deliever them from the kingdom of pain
I will deliver the children back to their doorsteps
I'll send the monsters back to the underground
I'll send them back to a place where noone else can see them
except for me..
because I am Donnie Darko"

They told me never stop..
never waste your talent..
jump to the main course..
i'm still on the salad..
i'm still on the ballot..
I ain't lose it..i found it
stay around like im grounded
clock circles around it..
change my surroundings
pressures a mountain
got me renouncing my faith through a fountain 
pen click
its just relentless
i guess its hopeless
i can't believe i wrote this
how did they not notice?
how did they lose focus?
money, overdoses
and you can quote this
i'm not the dopest
but i'm like the closest
lost some of the closest
fed em' to the vultures
memoirs for the soldiers
why you pretending we ain't headed towards the ending?
send them in.. in 3's
new disease got them fenced in
you were different back than
now you kind of blend in..

i pledge allegiance to this dream..
for which it stands..
for her i fall..
never solved
i'm growing distant
i'm not involved
..call me lost..
call me broken
i'm a dreamer and I've been hoping..

...that you can send me back to oblivion....

"because the rabbits are us Donnie" 

"why should i mourn for a rabbit like it was human?
a rabbit is not like us..
it has no history books, no photographs, no knowledge of sorrow or regret
I just don't see the point in crying over a dead rabbit!
who never even feared death to begin with"

"you're wrong
these rabbits can talk they are the product of the authors imagination
and he cares for them so we care for them
we just missed the point.."

"aren't we forgetting about the miracle of story telling?
deus ex machina
"the god machine"
that's what saved the rabbits"

Down the Rabbit Hole {Lyrics}

This song is the opener to Chasing Rabbits and is the start of the bad trip which is the album.  I don't want to talk to much about the meaning of this song because I like to leave everything up to the listener.  It is the story of a couple that have done way more than they can handle.  The first verse is the narrator's experience and the second verse is about his girl.  

Down the Rabbit Hole

..mind racing..
liquor chasing Alice into Wonderland..
steady hand, losing him to something he don't understand..
paranoia's got him thinking..everybody's following him..
pop a couple pills..take a shot of liquor..
swallow them..
dripping sweat, nervous wreck
wash it down with percocet
body rotten,oxycodine
night forgot and never found
hallucinagenic, xanax
got him a state of panic
he needs a medic
sweatin' like he's doing callisthenics
seconds feel like minutes..
minutes feel like hours..
cold shower doesn't help..
they laced it with something else..
seeing shit he's never dreamed of..
and than he opened up his mouth and he wondered where his scream was..
he knows what's happening, his veins getting colder
turned around and seen death tapping on his shoulder
body hits the ground without a sound
now its over
the death of a dream...
somebody should have told ya'

you get what you pay for
i hear death knockin' on my front door
i'm not sure what you came for
but i can't take much more {2x}

follow me down
follow me down
follow me down
down to the rabbit hole

knockin' on heaven's door
love you forever more
itchin' for a bigger dream
grab the antihistamine
chase it to erase it
consequence is what you facing
yet i'm feeling so immaculate
its Montague & Capulet
and lovely little Juliet's collapsing in the back of it
I'd have another capsule, yet its hard to keep track of it
keep talking to me baby we gon' make it thru this
but who am i to listen to?
look at what i did to you
don't wana be sedated
yet i'm easily persuaded by the jaded lifestyles of the wana be famous
and as she's gettin' cold in this story never told
I see what I've become 
I could never fit the mold
I just, followed the leader like an underachiever
now i can never leave her
baby crawl up under the speaker
hit repeat and loop it
i know we're young and we're stupid
i'll show and i'll prove it
to wake up from this moment with you..

you get what you pay for
i hear death knockin' on my front door
i'm not sure what you came for
but i can't take much more {2x}

follow me down
follow me down
follow me down
down to the rabbit hole